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**Do You Have A Pool**

From 29th April 2016 there are new laws relating to your swimming pool, whether you are renting or selling. We can arrange for an E1 Pool Certifier to inspect and certify your pool. Make sure you comply today!

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When Buying Or Selling A Home Always Have It Inspected First

Graphic Property Reports are located at Gosford on the Central Coast of NSW and can organise building and timber pest inspection reports. Servicing the greater area of the Central Coast including Gosford and Wyong Shires and other regional areas. Graphic Property Reports ensures you receive a fully detailed report carried out by trained and qualified inspectors.


To ensure you get maximum dollars for your property sale, have building inspections and pest inspections carried out so you can identify, and if needed, fix those minor problems before the property goes on the market. A pre sale inspection and subsequent repairs could ensure you get the maximum value for your property sale. A home without problems will always sell for optimum value and the process of the sale will be more expedient and with less incident.


This will most likely be the biggest purchase you will make so it is imperative that you have a trained professional inspect the property first so you can make an informed decision. Entering into a purchase without first having graphic property reports, could end up costing you thousands in future repair bills. Being aware of certain problems with the dwelling will give you the opportunity to make an informed decision on the value of the property.

These reports can give you peace of mind in knowing the condition of the property you are selling or purchasing. You will always receive an independent, fair and honest appraisal of the property and can give guidance as to ways of rectifying problems that may be found. To book your property report click here for our booking form, click here to purchase a recently completed property report, or call our office on 02 4322 5400.

Don’t let small problems turn your new home into a disaster!


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